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Air Compressor or as we are well known in the name of Air pump, it is the compressed air management system that greatly helps the user on the daily routine in various uses from a smaller air blower for pumping up the bicycle tires or car tires to the big industrial Air Compressor is using the very same concept of air blower and greatly benefit from it.

What is Air Compressor?

Air pump, industrial air Blower, or air Compressor is an instrument that produces the required amount of air pressure per the user’s needs and various functions from people’s houses to industrial sites. Air compressor is embedded in almost every part of our life, in our house, garage, in our dental clinic, or even in shopping mall, all have some type of air compressor not only in large factories. Though, the air compressor can be categorized by its purpose.

Type of Air compressor

There are 2 types of Air compressors as follows:

1. Dynamic Air compressor

- Dynamic air compressor functions from the mechanical energy feed to the air to increase its speed through the rotors, then use the casing to compress and store the compressed air. Lastly, the diffuser will decrease the compression speed. All these complements and processes will change the compressed air into kinetic energy in the form of pressurized air.

- Air blower which is Dynamic Air compressor, Centrifugal compressor, Turbo compressor, and Air jet.

2. Positive Displacement Air Compressor

Positive Displacement Air Compressor is functioned by letting the air in the specified chamber decrease gradually decrease its volume, hence decreasing the air in the chamber until the remaining air became pressurized. The process of positive displacement air compressor will use external force to operate the system.

Reciprocating Air Compressor

- Air Compressor Is one of the most popular due to its multi-purpose, various sizes, and have different variety of air pressures from low pressure to high pressure. From 1 bar to 1,000 bars which Reciprocating air Compressor can also be divided into smaller choices as follows:

- Piston air compressor: the most variously used which can produce air pressure from 4-300 bars

Screw Air Compressor

The air compressor has two axle screws that will collide with one another, and draw the air from one part to the other part. This type of air compressor can produce air pressure up to 10 bar which separates by two methods of pressurizing air: Oil Flooded air compressor and Oil-Free air compressor

Rotary Compressor

The function of the rotary compressor starts from the rotor’s motion in place of moving air which in turn creates constant airflow. However, the stored volume will be lesser than the Reciprocating Air Compressor because the rotor’s rotation needs to be faster to prevent the leakages while the advantage of the rotary compressor is that it consumes less energy, hence saving more energy consumption peruse.

Nowadays, Oil-free air compressors are rapidly improving which creating the incentive and innovation of the newer version of Oil-free air compressors which can be used in various industries such as medicine, foods, electronic components, and color sprays which all need to use the specification of oil-free compressed air compressors because it needs pressurized oil-free air including the others unwanted particles which the oil-free air compressor is the ideal type for the stated industries.

Advantages of New ULTIMA Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor (Air Cooled Version)

The air temperature in the pressurized chamber is lower than the dry screw air compressor which reduces the risk of fire hazards and other physical accidents. It also has less noise and fewer operation intervals. The pressurized air from these industrial air compressors is oil-free and 100% oil- mist free as well. The air compressor also helps absorb and filter unwanted substances.

Why medicines, foods, electronic components, and color sprays industries should use Oil-free Air compressors?

- Clean, filtered, and oil-free pressurized air

- Can produce pressurized air with the standard of ISO 8573-1 Class “0”

- The air temperature in the pressurized chamber is lower than the dry screw air compressor which reduces the risk of physical accidents and fires.

- Oil-Free!

- 100% Oil mist Free!

- Use less and save more energy

- Filtered the water with Reverse osmosis which is certified to be pure, high-quality water that can help lubricate and prolonged the air compressor’s lifetime.

Using Gardner Denver’s oil-free air compressor will greatly ensure the quality of the operation in the medicines, foods, electronic components, and color sprays industries.

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