Advance Air Piping

Compressed air systems and air pipes are required in various industrial segments because they can be applied in various industrial processes such as food industries, automobile industries, or even printing industries. However, to implement airflow into the compressed air system and air piping, it requires the pressurization and purification process to prevent the corrosion in compressed air system while maintaining the purity which enhances the entirety of compressed air system’s performance.

Moreover, airflow in the compressed air system still required air pipe that suitable for compressed air, vacuum, inert gas, and many more applications. The material of the air pipe has to be considered upon the objective and settings of compressed air systems. In the present, there are various types of air pipe such as aluminum pipe with Quick Connection Technology and its high durability and none interaction with inert gases which used for compressed air system, air pump, or the compressed air system that used inert gas. In some case, other iron pipes also can be considered per its attribute.

Compressed air pipe installation to prepare for use with an air pump or air compressor needs special attention. Because if the installation is not good or inappropriate, it can affect the air flow system from one equipment to other equipment, Or may cause to contaminate the compressed air system Whether moisture, dust or oil, Causing the air quality to be unsuitable for use as well.

domnick hunter-RL would like to introduce everyone to Transair Aluminum Pipe. It is easy-installing air pipe perfect for compressed air system, vacuum, inert gas with Quick Connection Technology. We have different sizes from ½” to 6” range per the usage in different industries from drinks, automobile, and packaging. The main attribute of Transair Aluminum pipe is its lightweight, easy to install and connects which helps in changing and adapts into various kind of areas and functions.

The advantages of using Transair Aluminum pipe in vacuum task are:   

  • Made from high-grade aluminum (grade 6063 T5) which stated in the ASTM B241 standard. It also passed the high-quality procedure from shaping and resizing the aluminum plate per standard requirement. The connection of the aluminum pipe are specifically made to be push-to-connect fittings 
  • Transair aluminum pipe is light and easy to install, and fittings to place in various type of factory
  • Transair aluminum pipe’s surface are coated for better durability which guaranteed by Qualicoat that assure the corrosion-resistant that can endure various kinds of harsh environment.
  • Due to the smooth inner surface, it provide high Durability and corrosion-resistant from harsh setting and gas attributes while maintaining the clean good quality compressed air.
  • Transair Aluminum Pipe have long lifespans which helps the user saving the cost of maintenance and change of filtration.
  • Transair Aluminum Pipe is environmental friendly by decreasing carbon dioxide emission more than 80% comparing to other stainless steel pipe.
  • Transair Aluminum Pipe is 100% recyclable and does not contain dangerous substance such as silicone. 
  • Transair Aluminum Pipe can be used with other type of air pipe (bronze or iron) while maintaining a good performance.
  • Less time consumption from Quick Connection Technology on Transair aluminum pipe installation compare to other air pipe brands.
  • Easily detachable and completely reusable
  • Saving both the cost and time in overall


Air piping’s flow in industrial factories required specialist that understand the air flow and compressed air system as a whole for installation up to the industry standard. Even though the compressed air has already filter out the contaminants, there are chances that the particles, oil, and moisture still remain due to improper installation. Therefore, proper air pipe installation with easy-installing air pipe are guaranteed to produce good results of compressed air in long terms performances.

domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) is the long-term main sale distributor of Parker Transair aluminum pipe with 10 years warranty. We have engineers that specialize in air pipe installation, and more than ready to assist and provide consultation. We take pride in fast response and answering to any customer request to satisfy our customer demands during the whole that they used our product!