Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed air treatment is the required procedure for air compressors due to the need for specific requirements of moisture content of the air in the air compressor. The air needs to be filtered out the content that consists of natural air which, during the process of compressed air treatment, the content will be suitably cleaned per the requirement of air compressor and user. Therefore, the Compressed air treatment system is a crucial process despite the different functions from the air compressor or air pump. While many people understand with the air filter in the air compressor, it is efficiently acceptable. The air filter cannot reduce the moisture content and filter out the Microbiological Contaminant and other components that can deteriorate the machine’s lifespans.

The compressed air treatment system is a great solution to protect your air compressor. Not only it can extend air compressor lifespans but also can enhance its performance as well because dry and clean air reduces the risk of rust and deterioration caused by unwanted air components. Compressed air treatment is clean and suits perfectly for air compressor while the airflow can move faster and no deterioration, resulting in the longer lifespans and lower cost for maintenances.

Improving the compressed air quality will decrease the risk of rust because rust is the reaction of metal contacting with moist air and humid air which when the reaction happens, it weakens the machine’s material while also shorten and lower machine’s performances. Therefore, improving air quality before sending it to the air compressor will improve its function and even more quiet performances.

Maintaining the Compressed air treatment system
Natural air that uses in an air compressor or air pump usually has much moisture content while also have dust and other Compressed air treatment system. It is required to clean and filter out the unwanted contaminant before using the machine. With an effective air filter, the natural air will be cleaned effectively, dry out the moisture and clean the unwanted substances. In some cases of rain or industrial air system that requires the low moisture content, the company will use air dryer along with air compressor to get the expected results.
The moisture can decrease the machine’s lifespan and performances and the lifespans of air compressor can greatly improve with the good air quality and its purity but other Contaminants also created the same risk as well which listed as follows:

  • Moisture

During the process of air compressor, the water particle in the air will also be compressed when there is a large amount of moisture content in the air, the air compressor will creating even more moisture content in the compressed air. Sometimes the compressed air can yield moisture contents 8 times more than the natural air. However, this incident varies on the uncertain moisture contents and humidity in different days and occasions. If there is a sudden temperature shift, reaching the dewpoint, it is necessary to ventilate water that creating from this dewpoint with air dryer to decrease the moisture. If the user still concerns about a large amount of moisture content, they can install even more air dryers as well.  

  •  Oil contaminant within a compressed air

The piston ring deterioration or other air compressor’s component will produce grease particles in the compressed air from the process. This is one of the common problems found in the pistons type of air compressor. The solution to this problem is to use an air filter that has yield microbes scale from 2-40 microns, capable of filtering out the grease from compressed air.  

  • Oxide 

Oxide is commonly found in Carbon and tar, the component of lubricant oils. When the air compressor operates with the piston motion, the air compressor’s temperature will gradually increase the result as of oxide contaminated the compressed air. This problem can prevent by choosing the microbes air filter that has at least 0.3-micron scales while also using high-quality lubricant oil and changing it after the required period of products.   

  • Dust

Dust contaminants came from various sources, the dust contaminant can be varied from the sealing pieces, small components, rust from the ventilation and other outside contaminants that are different in scales depends on the factories’ environment. 

  • Flaws of the lubricative system

To function properly, the lubricative system is needed in some of the air compressors. It is required for lubricant oils to be part of compressed air. It is preferable to use hydraulic oil that has a suitable amount of lubricative substances. If it is too low, there are chances that the valve and seal will collide and creating friction, resulting in deterioration and damage. If it is too much, the lubricant oil may overflow into the compressed air in the sewage system which can become the contaminant that blocked the air compressor operation.  

 Compressed air treatment is necessary for maintaining the air compressor or air pump while also it is necessary to often check each of the machine components to prevent the chances of damaging the air compressor system.


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