Dust, don't think a small problem

Various dust in the air around us, if not well managed. Leave a lot to cause adverse effects in the production process.

  • Effects on compressed air systems in production processes

This has resulted in the damage of unclean, poor-quality compressed air, resulting in costly production and working time. And cause damage to the machines in the other factory area.

  • Effect on the operators within the factory

If the worker or those in the factory area to inhalation of this dust for a long time. They will be affected; it is harmful to their health. Visual disturbance Diseases related to respiratory and lung diseases.

The types of industry that needs to be managed to remove dust, That is the industry about polishing, spray paint, sandblasting, and welding such as Abrasive Blasting, Batch Mixing, Grinding, Metal Working, Powder Coating, Sanding, and Welding because it is the product that produces dust and a lot of minute dust.

domnick hunter, we have high quality Dust Collector to remove dust system technology. This cleaning method is called “Pulse System”, which uses less power to clean. Thus using less compressed air. Resulting in cost savings throughout the service life. And the special properties of Nanofiber filters have very fine synthetic fiber surface conditions. Optimizing more than 85% increase in efficiency in capturing microscopic particles contaminated in the air system. Dust Collectors, we have a range of models to suit any size of a plant and all industries.

Importance features of Dust Collectors

  1. Handle for moving machine. Designed for heavy lifting. Ensuring safety during installation
  2. The design is modular. Increased flexibility to add modules.
  3. Cartridge filter. Optimized for cleaning.
  4. Filling the filter horizontally. To make quick and easy access when replacing filters.
  5. All components. The coating color process is electrostatically painted, both inside and outside. Prevents peeling of paint.
  6. Type handle is a quick seal. Quick and easy filter replacement, easy maintenance.
  7. Strong structure. Designed to withstand severe vibrations.

domnick hunter-RL has engineers who specialized in industrial dust collector systems. To give advice and joint planning in selecting a dust collector suitable for each of your industries. In addition, we also have Dust Collectors for customers who are interested in trying before deciding. With a team that is ready to provide administrative services repair and maintenance promptly.