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High Quality Ozone Generators for All Industries

Ozone fighting weapons with COVID-19

The epidemic is a situation that is causing a lot of concern for people. Especially in situations when people have to go works. Traveling by public transport or meeting people, always increasing the risk of getting various infections. There was a need for a tool for disinfection. To reduce exposure to pathogens to prevent disease outbreaks directly. Further disinfected with substances of natural "ozone" It makes sterilization with great efficiency. And good for environment.

Ozone can eliminate bacteria, mold, and viruses and has the property to eliminate odors in various places. And is a safer sterilization than other methods because there is no chemical residue. But ozone usage must be controlled by experts. Effective use of ozone it is necessary to control the concentration and the time required to disinfect properly. To be able to do this work at full capacity. Do not touch directly because ozone can cause irritation.

If you want more safety. Introducing the domnick hunter-RL ozone generator that meets industry standards. It accepted by leading industry. It can be used in a variety of industrial applications, including dairy, drinking water, pharmaceutical and medical. Even dental jobs that require high sterility. Including wastewater treatment, too. You can say the domnick hunter-RL ozone generator can meet all needs. Fully equipped with efficiency. And there are many models to choose from as appropriate for users.

Features and models of the ozone generator

Model: Portable

Ozone Capacity: 1,000 mg/hr.

Suitable for disinfecting the house.

Model: T500T-24 hr.

Ozone Capacity: 500 mg/hr.

Suitable for chemical removal Pesticides in meat, fruits and vegetables.

Model: CAT1000

Ozone Capacity: 1,000 mg/hr.

Suitable for use in health and sanitation, beauty institutions, spa.

Model: T1500-T Wall Type

Ozone Capacity: 1,500-2,000 mg/hr.

Suitable for use in offices, meeting rooms, large halls, hospitals, hotels. 26,750

Model: T3000

Ozone Capacity: 3,000 mg/hr.

Suitable for use in offices, meeting rooms, large halls, hospitals, hotels.

Model: T5000 Mixing Inline

Ozone Capacity: 5-8 G/hr.

Suitable for use in industrial

water systems.

Conditions for ordering ozone generators

  • Products are for sale only devices. (No after

sales service)

  • Price includes 7% VAT and shipping by Kerry.
  • The duration of action. Delivery within 7 days after order confirmation.


• Pay into Bangkok Bank account, account number 197-030114-7 Account Name Domnick Hunter-RL (Thailand)

Company Limited

• Payment confirmation Send proof of payment through the same method of purchase.

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