Parker Pneumatic Products

The operation of the machines within the industrial plants is composed of many systems. to help facilitate an increase in the speed and efficiency of the production process. which is one of the systems that are widely used Is the principle of operation of the pneumatic system, often known as compressed air. Because pneumatics has many benefits. can be applied in all industry sectors In addition, the equipment used in the installation of pneumatic systems is also cheap. easy to install And easy to maintain and maintain in case of various equipment damage

Pneumatic system is a system that uses compressed air to be delivered through pipes that are assembled with various parts. of the machine to generate mechanical energy to work for various devices Today’s pneumatic systems have a wide variety of applications. The air cylinder system simple wind motor to work in large machines Combined with automation systems for automatic work.


Components within a pneumatic system

  • Air Compressor is responsible for converting electrical energy or engine power into high pressure compressed air.
  • A compressed air cooler (Heat Exchanger) is responsible for cooling the compressed air from the principle of operation of the pneumatic system before use.
  • Air dryers are responsible for preventing moisture or condensed water droplets in the system. in order not to damage the equipment.
  • Air Filter or Air Filter is responsible for filtering clean air and trapping moisture obtained from the working principle of the pneumatic system before use.
  • The compressed air quality control and adjustment set (Service Unit) consists of a pressure-reducing valve. equipment for dispensing lubricating oil and equipment for air filtration It has the function of filtering moisture. adjust the compressed air pressure and blend lubricants to enable the equipment to operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Compressed air direction control device It consists of a valve to control the air direction. It is responsible for changing the compressed air direction by controlling the piston moving in or out. and speed control valve It is responsible for controlling the amount of compressed air to adjust the speed of the piston.
  • A soundproofing device (Air Silencer) is responsible for filtering wind noise from making noise while releasing it into the atmosphere.
  • Cylinder (Air Cylinder), is the protagonist in the principle of operation of the pneumatic system. It is responsible for converting wind energy into mechanical energy so that the machine can work.