Air Audit

Industrial sites are required to use compressed air systems. Therefore, air quality measurements are also required. If the air does not meet the expected quality, this can directly impact the cost of production, and greatly impact the industrial process of the factory operation in both the short and the long run. Without an effective compressed air management system, there's a chance of side effects, and added production cost. Suitable measurement of compressed air quality is required to measure the air cleanliness. If the air quality is below standard and does not have the proper compressed air management system, it may affect the performance of the air compressor by shortening the lifespan and reducing performance.

Some Industrial sites require good quality compressed air. The requirement of compressed air is quantifying for the standard of the product. Therefore, measurement of compressed air quality shows if the air quality meet the required standard or not. The measurement can be referenced, but it is also needed as an indication and documentation because the usage of compressed air from different factories have different standard and measurement depending on the type of production.

Air consumption and air quality in the atmosphere are controllable factors, if there is a proper air audit to check the standard per requirements. This air audit should be done continuously because the air quality can be different and unstable on various days. If there is no quality control on compressed air, the product quality will suffer.

The advantages of measuring compressed air are as follows:
  • Air Quality Measurement
    Air Quality Measurement is a method that helps maintaine compressed air systems by directly affecting the product quality. If industrial factories use low quality compressed air without Air Quality Measurement in an industrial air compressor, including in the production line, it will affect the quality of the product or lower the product performance and quality. These incidents will put the business owner at a risk, while the consumer or customer's trust is destroyed as well. The compressed air management system can effectively control the compressed air quality.

  • Measurement of compressed air quality
    Measurement of compressed air quality is one of the most popular components in industrial factories because it helps in creating Energy-saving compressed air. This reduces the cost of buying from other suppliers. Air Audits will provide the information for preparing the amount of compressed air per requirement. In some cases, without proper air audits, factories may overstock the compressed air unknowingly, and incorrectly use the compressed air. For example, with air quality measurement, using the high amount of compressed air in each processor's different purity of compressed air can affect the performance of the operation and the products. Some operations do not require high purity compressed air with air quality measurement. The higher the quality, the more expensive the air, leading to increased costs. Therefore, measurement of compressed air quality can help the factory using compressed air more effectively.

  • Measuring air consumption
    Measuring air consumption, when the amount of compressed air per use both in and out of the machine, and measuring air consumption, the user can measure the mechanical condition of the machine. Normally, every machinery or components in factories have specific working lifespans, especially machines that need to operate every day are likely to deteriorate faster.

  • Measuring the compressed air systems
    Measuring the compressed air systems is a way to investigate the deterioration of machines. When the air compressor is worn-out, it will affect the performance of the compressed air quality, which also directly affects the performance of the production. By measuring compressed air regularly, this will improve the machine's performance and improve the compressed air quality, hence improving your products along the way.

Compressed air management systems

Compressed air management systems in various industrial sites need to determine the measurement of compressed air quality regularly to ensure the standard of compressed air. This will directly impact the production process and help the factory to become more energy saving by using this compressed air management system.

At Domnick Hunter-RL, we have specialists that are ready to assist you in measuring compressed air. With advanced technology and devices, we can measure compressed air with precision and high accuracy, while also being able to identify the quantity of compressed air in the specific intervals, the pressure of compressed air in the system, and measure the performance of the machine accurately. Our services meet the standard of ISO 1217:2009, ISO 8573:2010 to ensure that our customers can protect and manage their compressed air management system efficiently while preventing our customers from high and unexpected expenses, and energy saving compressed air as well. Our services are highly acknowledged by various industries because our customer's satisfaction is our pride.


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