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Tools and Equipment are important parts for producing and installing industrial machinery, and are also used for maintenance and enhancing machines' performance. Therefore, selecting the proper equipment and using premium tools is highly recommended.

Snap-on is the professional engineer’s assistance; highly skilled engineers always have Snap-on by their side as their premium tools. Not only is it high quality, but it’s also essential in some industries.

Snap-on became the leading brand of premium tools and equipment due to its 90 years of experience in industrial tools. Their service is more than ready to answer the customer’s demands, both downstream and upstream issues, for crude or refined works. They are constantly continuing to develop their products with technology and innovative tools to enhance their excellent capabilities. Snap-on also has a large selection of premium tools for both mechanics and engineers, and they emphasize every detail and process of design for this tools set, from production to product testing. This ensures that Snap-on is the premium tool accepted by every engineer due to its high quality and high performance. Snap-on’s premium tools are suited for many lines of works, ranging from tasks that require high precision, to work that requires safety from sparks in flammable areas, or even safety tools for high-altitude environments. With its specs, Snap-on will withstand most critical applications.

Hand tools and premium tools that can be used in many industrial fields, also making work easier for the transportation field of work, automobile manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, power generation applications, even for aviation & aerospace.

In addition to Snap-on, we also have other lines of premium tools, such as Blue-point, and William tools, that also guarantees performance and quality.

Domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) is the sole distributor of Snap-on, Blue-point, and William Tools in Thailand. We are more than happy to provide recommendations, guides, and advice for our customers so that our customer picks the right tools for the right works within the right industries.


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