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The air around us consists of various components. Nitrogen gas is one of the essential gases because the natural air consists of 78% of nitrogen, the largest amount out of any gas. High-Quality Gas Generator Systems can isolate the gas purities, then this isolated pure gas can be used in various important functions. This is especially useful in industrial operations that use the isolated gas for preventing oxidation between air and metal, which can lead to creation of rust in the process. Therefore the gas generator is commonly used in metal industries and factories such as iron and aluminum. This includes industries that use metal as a product component, such as electronic components, automobile industries, and other industries that are expose to oxidation such as petrochemical industries.

Moreover, Nitrogen gas has another attribute which is food preservation, prolongs their nutritional values. Nitrogen gas generator can be used in food packaging to enhance the shelf-life of the product greatly.

Currently food industries have to use industrial gas generators in the packaging process by using Carbon dioxide or Nitrogen. Using gas generators, the gas that is used in this process serves the purpose of substitution of air in the package as prevention of oxidation between oxygen and foods. Using Oxygen can greatly deteriorate the food products, for example by changing colors or creating rancid odors, especially with oily food products. Fresh vegetables and fruits are also vulnerable to oxidation; therefore, nitrogen gas is essential for preventing these issues.

The benefits of using nitrogen gas are as follows:

  • Enhancing product shelf-life of products: Nitrogen Gas helps protecting food from the deterioration caused by oxidation between oil and oxygen, which can result in rancid odors, change of product pigments and tastes. With gas-flushing packaging process using nitrogen gas generators, this can effectively prevent oxidation.
  • Decreasing use of food additives: In the past, many companies added food additives into the products to prevent oxidation. This was typical for the case of high-fat foods or fried food, using BHT or BHA additives that possessed the property of anti-oxidants to prevent oxidation in products. However, with nitrogen gas generator as the substitution of food additives, many companies can now prevent oxidation while also safely retaining the quality of the products. This results in a large decrease in the usage of food additives.
  • Preventing damages to food packaging: In the product packaging process, if the company did not use gas generator or gas as the protection for the products, there is the risk of loss of product due to the damage during transportation or shelving of the products in the stores. Gas generators can efficiently prevent those incidents by pumping up the packages into pillow-like shapes which can protect the products, such as potato chips. This also improves the appeal of the products on store shelves.

Despite the deterioration of food packing, this also depends on other factors such as temperature, light, moisture, the type of products and any microbiological matter that has been in contact with the food products.

Nowadays, High Quality Gas generator systems are widely used due to their safety and convenience. This is especially important in the industrial level or for Laboratory gas system that requires a large amount of Nitrogen gas. Therefore, High-Quality gas generators are a lot more efficient than using liquid nitrogen, which is commonly used in Laboratory’s gas systems due to its minimal requirement per use. However, the industrial gas generators still requires a gas supply and transportation expenses that vary on the fuel as well.

Choosing an industrial gas generator that is compatible with the user requirement is crucial to be a smart investment. To ensure its worth, it needs to be compatible with industry’s required functions, and easy to maintain. Additionally, it is more efficient to use a gas generator or industrial gas generator, as it can cover the cost and produce more profit in the long term rather than using liquid nitrogen.

In Thailand, there are several liquid nitrogen suppliers for the needed industrial sites. Different suppliers provide different prices and quality of the gas. At Domnick Hunter-RL, a company with 26 years’ experience with nitrogen gas generators, we have trained our specialists to provide the best service and be to our customer’s assistance. Our experts are ready to give consultation, suggestion, installation, and honest and skillful after-service activities. Our aim is to ensure the customer’s trust in our products, our quality, and our safety as a supplier of nitrogen gas generators.


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