Water treatment systems

Water is essential to all living organisms, especially humans. We have to use water in for several things in our daily life, so it’s essential that the water we use is clean, safe, and visually appealing. Therefore, good water treatment is necessary for producing high standard water in our life. Water treatment is the process of filtering out polluted components and eliminating unwanted waterborne bacteria to ensure safe and high-quality standards of water based on relevant requirements.

Domnick Hunter-RL (Thailand) is a company that specializes in water treatment systems. We have the team of specialist ready to provide service, including consultation for precisely selecting the machinery that suits our customer’s requirements. Domnick Hunter-RL (Thailand) Co., Ltd has three different varieties of water treatment machinery:

1. Ozone systems: Ozone is a natural substances which is used to exterminate microorganisms. Microorganisms cause a risk of contamination of organics, inorganics, and other chemical substances that can produce odors and colors. Implementing Ozone water treatment for an industrial water treatment system is very common, but in order to use ozone water treatment systems, the user needs to consider these characteristics of wastewater which are major factors of energy consumption per use and the quality of water treatment results:

  • Wastewater with biofilm; biofilm uses microorganisms congregated together, which will form a molecular layer known as Polymer. This is difficult to exterminate while also causing deterioration of the surface of other substances. Ozone can kill almost every kind of microorganism, including the molecular layers of biofilms. When these layers are destroyed, fouling, mucilage, and lichens will disperse and eventually disappear, creating ozone water.
  • Wastewater with fouling; fouling mostly comes from chemical components such as Calcium carbonate or Magnesium carbonate, which can mostly found in cooling towers, especially the area of the water surface that exchanges heat. Wastewater that has too much-polluted fouling will decrease the effectiveness of industrial water treatment systems. However, in ozone water treatment machinery and industrial ozone generators, this water treatment system can create the chemical reaction with Calcium Ions (Ca2+) and Carbonate Ions (CO32-) to prevent the production of Calcium Carbonate with these two chemical components, resulting in Calcium nitrate that produces sediment and can be treated by industrial water treatment systems.

Moreover, Ozone also has other benefits:

  • Decreasing the need for expensive chemical enhancement, while exterminating microorganism and treating water to be adequate for the environment
  • Does not require a mass amount of energy to operate, therefore saving more energy

2. Reverse Osmosis systems (RO Membrane); These industrial water treatment systems use high-quality RO membrane. Domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) is the sole distributor of LG Chem, a world-class producer of RO Membrane systems, which continuously develops and innovate new water treatment technology, especially implementing RO Membrane. Previously, these systems were used for desalination of seawater and Brack water, creating consumable water. Nowadays, RO membrane systems have been developed to be use widely in industrial water treatment systems with technology known as Thin Film Nanocomposite membrane (TFN) which is a very low cost and energy-saving water filter system. This is commonly implemented in water treatment systems to filter contaminating particles, effectively creating purified water from RO membrane. This is considered to be the most purified system at present, as the filtering scale is at 0.0001 microns, smaller than 500,000 times of human hair (hair=50 microns), which can filter the water to the ionic level and the soluble molecule in water. The water that is filtered by the RO membrane is the most purified.

The property of the Reverse Osmosis system (Ro Membrane) filter of LG Chem

  • The polyamide top’s filter is coated with nano-level particles.
  • Achieving well-functioned airflow because of the desalination capabilities of RO membrane.
  • Achieved quality NSF standards 61 for drinking water application

Advantage of Reverse Osmosis system (Ro Membrane) filter of LG Chem

  • Decrease the toxicity in water comparing with other types of water treatment systems
  • Saving the cost: the cost of industrial water treatment system is based on the electrical usage of the water pump and this is even cheaper, in addition, to decrease the toxicity usage in water.
  • More convenient than other water purification systems because Ro membrane uses No phase change unlike other distillation

3. Ultraviolet water treatment system and Ultraviolet technology of Hanovia.

Implementing Ultraviolet water treatment system to exterminate chemical utilization in industrial water treatment system.

Hanovia water treatment systems start from microorganism extermination, then the water is brought to De-Chlorination and De-ozonation. This UV system is developed for specific uses and is qualified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Using Hanovia international standard water treatment systems, UV treatment in water is a way of water treatment that does not have any negative effects on the characteristic of water; no leftover chemical contamination, no leftover odors (unlike Chlorinate water treatment system). Therefore UV systems are widely used in drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, and other water in industrial water treatment system.

Why should we use a UV water treatment system from Hanovia?

  • Guaranteed UV quantification from Hanovia will assure the quality of UV that provides high and effective dichlorination suitable for beer and soft-drinks industries.
  • No toxicity which helps to protect layers of filters and decrease the chance of Chlorine contamination and other microorganisms.
  • The size is compact and easy to maintain
  • The overall cost for the entire life span is modest.

With the quality of the international standard water treatment systems and water treatment machinery of Domnick Hunter-RL (Thailand) Co., Ltd, we ensure effective and efficient water treatment systems. We also provide engineering consultation and maintenance by expert engineers to ensure that customers have a pleasant time operating our machines.


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