Instrumentation Products

Domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) is a sales distributor of Parker, provider of high quality instrumentation products, industrial hoses, as well as various selections of hydraulic hose fittings, hydraulic extruder lines, hydraulic filter elements, Pneumatics, valves, mechanical valves, oil filters, fittings, Solenoid valves, seals, and O-rings. These instrument products and industrial hose products are suitable for most industrial uses.

Here are the recommended products and their functions:

  • Our Valves are premium grade products, perfect for hydraulic systems, pneumatics, instrumentation, refrigeration, or even aerospace applications. We have two different types of valves to offer; 1) air valves 2) mechanical valves
  • Fittings, known as pneumatic fitting, are used as fittings between air piping and compressed air, or to connect different compressed air systems. Fittings are commonly utilized along with pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves, air valves, mechanical valves, and FRL units.

Air Fittings are made from various materials, ranging from plastic to metallic. The different material yields different pressure and temperatures while maintaining their basic function.
  • O-rings & Seals, including fittings, are essential industrial components. We offer a whole range of quality products that suits the whole system, from fitting, to pneumatic cylinders that are developed under the standard of 90 durometers hard nitrile. The production process produces the products using a high pressurized procedure. Therefore our instrument are suited for high-pressure environment such as hydraulic systems and pneumatics in most industrial sites.
  • Hose & Tubing hydraulics are instrumentations that are used in various industrial processes, especially in environmentally friendly industrial systems. Its uses ranges from: agriculture, food industry, train, refrigeration and aerospace applications. Because our product has the best friction durability, our hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic extruder line and Hydraulic filter element can endure event the worst environment you can imagine. Domnick hunter-RL selected only the best quality products that are safe for our customer to use in every line of work.

Domnick Hunter-RL (Thailand) is at everyone's service, our instrumentation suppliers are guaranteed with high standard and available for everyone. At Domnick Hunter-RL, we take pride in responding to our customer’s demand with quality and on time, because our service, quality, and standard are the core value of Domnick Hunter-RL


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