All kinds of industries have water or liquid as an element in the production process these waters and liquids often contain hidden contaminants that are invisible to the eye. Therefore, before any water or liquid is introduced into the working process, it must be filtered by the filtering process which means that the separation process uses filters to remove unwanted excess substances. To eliminate various contaminants in the liquid, whether it is small microorganisms. or various contaminants that may be contaminated into the product Most of these contaminants are attached to raw materials, or different types of buffer solutions are used in each step of the manufacturing process. The cause of the contamination comes from inadequate cleaning or inadequate quality control of the production process. 

domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) has been a distributor of Parker- domnick hunter brand Process filters for a long time. it has been meticulously developed and designed to optimize bulk filtration and can prevent premature filter clogging. Can be used at almost any flow rate Longer service life than conventional filters Suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications such as processing of oil, gas, and chemicals, beverage industry that requires a filter to control microorganisms contaminating the water which need to be used to create a level of security In the micro-biological, microelectronics industry, or in the pharmaceutical industry, it is possible to reduce the level of microbial contamination in pharmaceutical liquids. We have products that can meet our customers' specific needs for each manufacturing process.