CDAS HL Clean Dry Air Systems

Adsorption air dryers for medium flow compressed air treatment systems providing pressure dew points of -70°C, -40°C or -20°C at flow rates up to 300 m³/hr @ 7 barg. Suitable for all industrial compressed air applications.

Category Compressed Air Treatment


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CDAS HL Clean Dry Air Systems provide clean, dry compressed air in accordance with all editions of ISO8573-1, the international standard for compressed air quality. They are energy efficient and can provide pressure dewpoints of -70°C, -40°C or -20°C with flow rates up to 300 m³/hr @ 7 barg (102 psi g).

■ High quality compressed air to ISO8573-1 classifications
■ -40°C / -70°C PDP also controls microbiological growth
■ Improves production efficiency and reduces maintenance costs and downtime
■ Dry air means zero corrosion
■ Easy and flexible installation
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