PROSTEEL A Filter Cartridges

PROSTEEL A filters provide the ideal solution in applications where traditional polymer based filters are limited by compatibility, exposure time or a combination of high temperature and viscosity. They are ideally suited to filtration of the solvents used in a wide range of process industries from pharmaceuticals, food & beverage and electronics through to paints and inks. The Parker domnick hunter range of stainless steel filters provides a solution to compatibility issues while maintaining absolute retention ratings down to 3.0 micron. 316L stainless steel fibres are sintered together into a graded pore structure. The efficiency of the media increases through the filtration bed resulting in excellent dirt holding capacity while maintaining high relative flow rates compared to alternative technology such as sintered powder tubes and metal membranes. The filters are available in two formats both using the same filtration media but one manufactured in a pleated construction and one in a cylindrical wrap. This allows a cost-effective selection depending on flow rate and dirt holding requirements.

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