PEPLYN NE liquid filter cartridges are designed for use in the microelectronics industry for filtration of water, process chemicals, photochemicals, solvents and etchants. PEPLYN NE filters resist hydrolysis in aggressive solutions which would otherwise result in the contamination of the process fluid. The filter media has graded fibre diameter and density, resulting in progressively finer retention through the depth of the media. This graded density depth mechanism, combined with optimised pleated pack configuration and high surface area, affords high flow capability and exceptional dirt holding capacity when compared with competitive pleated cartridges and meltblown depth filters. PEPLYN NE provides consistant retention and stability over a wide range of operating conditions.

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Features and Benefits 10 ̈ Size (250 mm) Cartridge
• Micron ratings range from 0.1 to 50 micron
• Graded density for excellent particle retention
• Pleated media for high flow rates and long life
• All polypropylene construction
• Wide range of end caps to provide retrofitting of
existing systems

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