PREPOR GF liquid filter cartridges are utilised for the clarification, stabilisation and bioburden reduction of aqueous solutions, media and biologicals. These filters have a high dirt holding capacity and exhibit exceptional flow performance compared to polypropylene filters. The hydrophilic nature of PREPOR GF filter cartridges also makes them more suitable for gravity fed systems. PREPOR GF utilises a glass microfibre filter medium encased within an upstream polypropylene mesh and a downstream non-woven filter support material. PREPOR GF filter cartridges are dimensionally stable with no media migration. The pleat pack is supported by an inner polypropylene core and outer polypropylene cage, heat bonded to polypropylene end caps.

Category: Industrial Process Filtration Tags: Prepor GF
Features and Benefits
• Micron rating range from 0.6 to 10 micron
• Wide range of end caps to allow retrofitting of
existing systems
• High filtration area
• High capacity filter media giving microbial retention
• Heat bonded construction

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