CRDC Refrigeration Dryers Most plant managers are only too aware of the problems and costs associated with moisture in compressed air systems. For general purpose applications the refrigeration dryer remains the most popular method of removing this unwanted moisture. Often the selection of refrigeration dryers is based upon the initial purchase price and product availability, with little or no regard to the delivered air quality or the long term operational costs. In fact the initial purchase price of a refrigeration dryer accounts for only 25% of it’s total cost over a five year period. The direct and indirect operational costs actually account for the remaining 75%.

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Key Features 
- Delivers Air Quality to ISO 8573.1:2001 (Classes 4, 5 and 6)
- Small compact design
- Oversized demister separator resulting in excellent liquid removal
- Low pressure differential across the dryer
- Energy efficient refrigeration Compressor
- Designed to fully utilises R134a refrigerant
- Designed to operate at elevated temperatures and pressure
- All models incorporate a dewpoint indicator

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