PCO2 Carbon Dioxide Polishing Systems

For the sparkling beverage industry - production plant.

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Features: Benefits:
• Comprehensive six stage polishing technology
• Simple installation
• Compact design
• Low maintenance
• Low pressure drop
• Meets ISO9001:2000 standards
• Materials of construction independent verifications to comply with FDA Code of Federal Regulations title 21 CFR
Benefits : 
• Carbon dioxide quality guaranteed Effective in removing a combination of potential impurities and contaminants
• Protection against impurities known to create beverage flavour defects Helps avoid product spoilage and protects bottlers reputation
• Ensures carbon dioxide meets industry and company specifications
and guidelines Polishes ‘out of specification’ gas back within beverage quality guidelines
• International sales and service support Over 20 years experience. Purecare preventative maintenance option available

Awards & Certificates