Vacuum Regeneration Adsorption Dryers (WVM Series)

For large flow industrial compressed air applications providing volume flows of up to 14500m³/h and pressure dew points down to -70°C, with energy savings of up to 25%.

Category Compressed Air Treatment

Provide an energy efficient heat regenerated compressed air drying solution for large scale compressed air applications. Ideal for electronics and automotive production plants but suitable for all general manufacturing industries where typically high-volume flows and low pressure dew points are required.


 Two layered desiccant bed
 Active heating under vacuum
 Intensive cooling
 Pressure build-up on the wet side
 Dew point control as standard
 Changeover without dewpoint peak
 Reliable dewpoint down to -70°C
 Function alarm
 Various options for optimal adaptability to customer needs


 Low energy costs
 No air loss
 Regeneration without purge air
 Low regeneration temperature