OFAS HL Oil Free Air System

Adsorption Air Dryers with Oil Free Air System for medium flow compressed air treatment systems with oil vapour removal, providing ISO 8573-1 Class 0 air at flow rates up to 300 m³/hr @ 7 barg. Suitable for all industrial compressed air applications.

Category Compressed Air Treatment


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Oil Free Air System.  Innovative engineering and technology. Combining sophisticated OIL-X filtration technology with an optimised drying system, the OFAS is designed to deliver consistent high performance over an extended period. Air quality is third party validated to ISO 7183 and ISO 8573-1 and also offers class 0 for total oil. So you can be completely confident of your compressed air quality. 


■ ISO8573-1 Class 0 for Total Oil at the point of use where it’s needed

■ Class 0 from an oil lubricated compressor

■ High quality compressed air to ISO8573-1 classifications

■ 40°C / -70°C PDP also controls microbiological growth

■ Improves production efficiency and reduces maintenance costs and downtime

■ Dry air means zero corrosion

■ Easy and flexible installation

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