Compact, modular construction oil vapour removal filters designed to reduce oil vapour when industrial applications require compressed air to meet ISO8573-1 Class 0 or Class 1.

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OVR Oil Vapour Removal filters are designed to reduce oil vapour and also overcome the issues of traditional loose filled carbon towers. The loose filled beds of carbon towers offer reduced contact time due to unrestricted air channelling, meaning they are prone to movement of the carbon adsorbent during operation; resulting in degrading performance, attrition of the adsorbent material, high particulate generation and blockage of downstream filters.
  • Suitable for use with oil lubricated and oil-free compressors.
  • Tested in accordance with ISO8573-5 and 3rd party performance validated by Lloyds Register.
  • Can be installed in the compressor room for plant scale protection, at point of use to protect critical applications (or both if old, contaminated piping is in use).
  • FDA Title 21 compliant & EC1935 exempt.
  • Unique adsorbent fill technique.
  • Large capacity bed reduces the number of units required but still offers a compact and light weight design with flexible inlet / outlet connectivity.
  • Simple, easy maintenance

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