High efficiency coalescing and dry particulate filters with very low pressure drop providing excellent energy savings.

Category Compressed Air Treatment


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OIL-X filters incorporate a number of unique and patented design features to minimise differential pressure and provide a filter and element combination where the differential pressure starts low and stays low to maximise energy savings and provide the lowest lifetime costs without compromising air quality.

Products Features

- For the removal of bulk liquid, water and oil aerosols, atmospheric dirt and solid particles, rust, oil vapour, pipescale and micro-organisms

- Coalescing filter performance tested to the stringent requirements of ISO12500-1, ISO8573-2 & ISO8573-4

- Dry particulate filter performance tested in accordance with the requirements of ISO8573-4


- Highest air quality

- Lowest operational differential pressure

- Lowest energy consumption

- Lowest CO2 emissions

- Lowest total cost of ownership

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