Zero Air Generators

Zero Air Generators for Combustion Detector Applications

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• Gas quality assured
Catalyst air temperature monitoring and
display gives reliable indication of gas
purity. High performance OIL-X EVOLUTION
filtration effectively removes contamination
• Improved instrument performance
Guaranteed consistent purity reduces
baseline noise and improves stability
• Maximised uptime, maximised productivity
No cylinder changes mean no interruptions
to analyses and no instrument re-calibration.
Cleaner air reduces frequency of instrument
cleaning. Quick and easy servicing: changing
the filters takes just a few minutes
• Economy
Quick return on investment typically 12
months. No cylinder rental charges and
no price inflation
• Reduced Health and Safety risks
No manual handling or storage of high
pressure gas
• Peace of mind
Service contracts and extended
warranty available
• Space saving
Compact, modular design

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